Genomics Cores

Overview of Services

The USF Genomics Program is a consortium of active research programs from across the USF System united by the goal of harnessing the immense power of genomics research to develop innovative solutions to complex problems from health to ecology.


USF Genomics Program Sequencing Core

The USF Genomics Program Sequencing Core is a NextGen Sequencing laboratory facility that consolidates resources and expertise to provide genomics laboratory training from library preparation to Next-Generation Sequencing. Certified users may reserve time in the USF Genomics Sequencing Core to perform sample preparation, library prep, quality assessment, and sequencing. Completion of the USF Genomics RNAseq Laboratory Training is required to become a certified user of the core. The core offers assistance with experimental design, troubleshooting, and data analysis, but does not offer labor for these services.

Equipment Services:

  • Illumina – NextSeq-2000
  • Illumina – MiSeq System
  • 10X Genomics – Single Cell Instrument – Chromium Controller
  • Agilent – TapeStation 4200 (DNA and RNA quality assessment)
  • Invitrogen Qubit 2.0 fluorometer (DNA and RNA sample quantification)
  • Roche – LightCycler 96 Real-time PCR Instrument (DNA library quantification)
  • Covaris – M220 Focused Sonicator (DNA fragmentation)

Consulting Services* (offered for both laboratory and data-analysis, depending on project needs): 

  • Experimental design
  • Grant-writing support letter
  • Sequencing cost and budgeting
  • Sequencing methods
  • Sample preparation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Sequencing instrument use
  • Library preparation and QC

* No billing for an overall consulting time less than two hours.


USF Genomics Program Computational Core

The USF Omics Hub is the computational branch of the USF Genomics Program Computational Core. The Hub consists of PhD-level computational biology consultants for genomics research projects. These consultants run Mac, Linux and Windows workstations and have access to USF’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster and a variety of both proprietary and open-source, command-line based analysis software. Data analyzed by the Hub are securely stored on a new HIPAA-compliant component of USF’s HPC cluster. HPC infrastructure and hardware supporting USF Genomics and the USF Genomics Core Facility is managed by the USF Department of Research Computing.

The members of the USF Genomics Hub are also the instructors for the USF Genomics RNAseq Data Analysis Training. This hands-on workshop reviews theoretical and practical concepts related to RNA sequencing analysis, enabling participants to perform these analyses independently. 

The consultants of the Hub are available for project-planning, periodic consultation and training, as well as longer-term collaboration on funded projects.

To request a consultation please fill out this form: Genomics Computational Core services consultant request form


Data Analysis Computational Services*:

  • RNAseq Data Analysis
  • Microbiome Data Analysis
  • Whole-genome sequencing Data Analysis
  • Epigenomic Data Analysis
  • Phylogenetics 


* No billing for an overall consulting time less than two hours. 



John Adams, PhD USF Genomics Program Director
Min Zhang, MD USF Genomics Sequencing Core Director
Bi Zhao, PhD                USF Genomics Computational Core Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday-Friday 9 AM - 5 PM           

3720 Spectrum Blvd. IDRB 316 Tampa, FL, 33612

Links and Resources

USF Genomics List of Services
USF Genomics Training Page


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USF Genomics Program
USF Genomics Sequencing Core Facility
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