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Overview of Services

The PFCC is a shared resource laboratory which oversees flow and mass cytometry instruments at the Parnassus Campus and another UCSF campus sites. The Core exists to provide Diabetes Research Center (DRC) members and fellow UCSF researchers valuable resources in the field of flow and mass cytometry and operates under the following directives:

  1. Provide assistance and exceptional customer service to researchers along with acquisition, setup, maintenance, and support of instrumentation.
  2. Teach users the information they need to know as well as provide them with the opportunity to learn more details should they request it.
  3. Monitor research and development opportunities, experiment with novel techniques, and test new equipment.
  4. Consolidate and bring UCSF flow cytometry groups together and standardize practices.


 S854  S864


Location and hours of operation



513 Parnassus Ave.,  

Med Sci Building

S854 - S864

Staffed Mon-Fri /  8am - 6pm

Trained Users have 24/7 access 

Links and Resources

Flow Cytometry Website


General email:

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Instructions for SCAC - PFCC Users

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core
General Email Internally Distributed
MSB S854-S864

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