MSE Characterization Lab Facilities

Overview of Materials Science & Engineering Services

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering laboratories are located in Hoover Hall and Gilman Hall. Labs in Gilman are used strictly for research, whereas labs in Hoover are used for both research and teaching. These laboratories contain test equipment and facilities to investigate thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties of various materials, as well as teach the physical concepts and illustrate the important processing operations involving materials.

Hoover Hall: 528 Bissell Rd, Ames, IA 50011

Gilman Hall: 2415 Osborn Dr, Ames, IA 50011

MSE Leadership

Michelle Grawe
Lab Manager & Departmental Lab Safety Contact
2240E Hoover Hall

Contact regarding: General iLab and iLab account questions, Thermal Analysis equipment, Instron testing, GPC, Zetasizer, 3D Printing

Darrel Enyart
Lab Coordinator
2220BB Hoover Hall
Contact regarding: SEM, Sputter Coating, XRD
Ryan Braga
Lab Coordinator
2240H Hoover Hall
Contact regarding: Optical Mircropes, Mounting/Polishing/Sectioning equipment, Furnaces, Spectroscopy Equipment

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