Cell Science Core

About Our Core:

Our mission is to support Nemours researchers by providing critical instrumentation and expertise to investigators. The Cell Science Core (CSC) specialize in flow cytometry, cell sorting, cell culture, and protein analysis. Contact us for access our services and instrumentation. CSC services and instruments are available to researchers outside of Nemours for a reasonable fee.

Flow Cytometers

Flow cytometry allows researchers to analyze thousands of cells in seconds, by rapidly analyzes cell suspensions on a cell-by-cell basis and collects multiple parameters at once, . Common applications include analyzing cell activation, differentiation, protein expression, transfection efficiency, particle internalization, cell death/proliferation and immunophenotyping. Both our flow cytometers are easy to use and are available to researchers after they complete a training session. CSC strongly advises users understand the spectral overlap of their fluorochromes before purchasing. ThermoFisher, Biolegend, and others provide useful spectral viewer tools. Remember to adjust the displayed emission filters to match the ones in the CSC instruments (ask us for full info)

  • Novocyte 3000 Flow Cytometer (Agilent) - 3 laser, 13 fluorescence color instrument, ideal for the majority of flow cytometry based experiments
  • Quanteon Flow Cytometer (Agilent) - 4 laser, 25 fluorescence color instrument, adds a yellow laser which helps with PE based spillover

Cell Sorting

FACS (fluorescently activated cell sorting) is similar to other flow cytometry but with the addition of the ability to sort cells of interest into collection tubes or plates. This allows researchers to selectively recover subpopulations for any number of downstream analyses or simply to create a monoculture for continued growth. CSC staff operate the FACS instrument, so the researcher can focus on their samples and results. Please reach out to us in advance to schedule a project consult prior to sorting.

  • FACS Aria III Cell Sorter (BD Biosciences) - 3 laser, 11 fluorescence color instrument, can identify and sort up to 4 distinct populations of interest simultaneously within a single sample. Our FACS is operated as a fee-for-service only with an experienced technician conducting the sort.

Luminex (multiplexed ELISA)

under construction

Seahorse XF Pro

coming soon


so many

  • Zeiss Observer 3 fluorescent microscope
  • Licor Odyssey Western Blot Imager
  • Licor C-Digit Western Blot Imager
  • Victor Nivo 5F Multimode Plate Reader
  • HemaVet Blood Analyzer
  • BSL-2 Cell Culture Facility


Name Role Phone Email Location
Lisa Glazewski, MS
Research Core Lab Manager
(302) 651-4892
E400, 5440
Sonali Barwe, PhD
Core Lab Director
(302) 651-6542

Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
TC Room 5443/5 View calendar
Flow Cytometer-Novocyte 3000 View calendar
Peak Mon-Fri 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
External $60.00 /hr
Internal $0.00 /hr
Corporate $80.00 /hr
Flow Cytometer-Quanteon View calendar
FACS - cell sorting  
Seahorse XF Pro Analyzer