Core Lab

Overview of Services

The provision of the core facility is to provide current and emerging testing and characterization technologies to assist the OSU research projects and to advance region's industries. The Core Lab trains OSU students and external users to master state-of-the-art manufacturing and analytical tools in materials science and engineering. It also bridges the connection between OSU researchers and external academia and industries. The Core Lab houses the fabrication and characterization instrumentation essential for the development, understanding, and study of conventional and new materials and devices. 


Please ACKNOWLEDGE us - The Core Lab users must acknowledge the Core Lab in their publicatioins and/or presentations rely significantly on the Core Lab resources. The general acknowledgement should read, "(insert methods, such as SEM or XRD) work was performed at the Core Lab of Helmerich Research Center at OSU-Tulsa."


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

8AM - 5 PM


**Access available to trained users 24/7            


Helmerich Research Center, Core Labs

526 N. Elgin Ave

Tulsa, OK  74106




Dr. Raman P. Singh, Director, Helmerich Research Center


Phone: 918-594-8155




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