QB3 High-Throughput Screening Facility



Overview of Services

This core provides facilities and instrumentation for high-throughput screening and liquid automation experiments such as:

  • Fully functional cell culturing facility including automated plate seeding
  • Automated liquid handling for whole multiwall plates or re-arraying  (Agilent V11 Bravo and Beckman Coulter Biomek NXp)            
  • Automated Agilent/Biotek MultiFlo with Biostack4 for validation studies (also loosely adherent and organoids)
  • Automated Perkin Elmer Envision multi-label plate reader
  • Automated confocal/epifluorescent/digital phase microscope (Perkin Elmer Opera Phenix) with robot for serving plates to the microscope from either room temperature hotel for fixed cells, or an incubator for live imaging
  • All instruments can be used with expert help to do phenotypic screening for pathway discovery, from optimization, through imaging, analysis and bioinformatics evaluation. This is also available to be done as a service.
  • A selection of siRNA libraries are available, services for lentivirus and adenovirus packaging, CRISPR library amplification, validation 
  • A selection of Synthego CRISPR Knock-out Mouse and Human Library resources is available
  • Services are also available for lentivirus and adenovirus packaging, CRISPR library amplification and validation 



David Schaffer, Facility Supervisor

Mary West, CTAF/HTSF Director

Pingping He, Facility Manager, Automation Manager

Deepa Sridharan, Project Scientist, Imaging and Analysis Specialist


Location and hours of operation

461, 330A Li Ka Shing, available anytime once access has been granted, training is completed, and competency is shown

Office hours: M-Th 10am – 4:00pm


Links and Resources

  1. QB3 HTSF Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Mary West
QB3 SSCF/HTSF Director
B108 Stanley Hall
Pingping He
QB3 HTSF Manager

344D Li Ka Shing Center
Michael Rape
QB3 HTSF Faculty Scientific Advisor


Deepa Sridharan
Project Scientist, Imaging and Analysis Specialist

344D Li Ka Shing Center


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