QB3 Cell and Tissue Analysis Facility



Overview of Services


This core provides facilities and instrumentation for stem cell research such as:

  • Fully functional cell culturing facility
  • Flow cytometry instrumentation (not sorting)
  • Automated epifluorescent imager for slides or multiwall plates
  • Confocal and multiphoton fluorescence microscopy
  • Luminex magnetic bead based immunoassays (multiplexing ELISA reader)
  • Biomaterial mechanical force testing instrument




David Schaffer, Facility Supervisor

Mary West, Facility Manager


Location and hours of operation


B129 Stanley Hall, available anytime once access has been granted

Office hours: M-F 10am – 4:30pm


Links and Resources


QB3 Cell and Tissue Analysis Facility Website



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Mary West

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Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
B127 Cell Culture Hoods View calendar
B127 Zeiss AxioObserver epi-fluorescent microscope View calendar
B127 BioSpherix Hypoxia Chambers View calendar
B127 Scepter 3.0 by Millipore View calendar
B129 IXM Molecular Devices Image Xpress Micro View calendar
B129 Agilent/Biotek LionHeart Imaging System View calendar
B129 Analysis Workstation View calendar
B129 qPCR BioRad CFX Connect 96w View calendar
B129 BioRad Thermal Cycler View calendar
B129 BioRad GenePulser Xcell - Mammalian, Yeast, Bacteria View calendar
B129 GentleMACS™ Dissociator View calendar
B127A Bruker Confocal (SFC) or Multi-Photon Microscope (2P Plus) View calendar
B203 Wolf G2 Cell Sorter View calendar
B203 Attune - 4 lasers, autosampler View calendar
B203 Analysis Workstation (MetaXpress and Attune Offline Analysis) View calendar
B203 Bio-Plex MAGPix multiplex reader View calendar
B203 Direct Detect View calendar
B105 Cryostats View calendar
B105 Fume Hoods (For Hourly user accounting) View calendar
B144 Plate Reader Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5 View calendar
Electroforce 3200 by Bose Electronics View calendar
Guava 6HT View calendar
Chemical Hood and Spinner View calendar
B203 BioRad S3e (demo to purchase) Sorter FACS View calendar
FC500 View calendar
Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro (B203 Stanley Hall)+Robot View calendar