Flow Cytometry Facility

Overview of Services


The CRL Flow Cytometry Facility operates two cores. in the Life Sciences Addition (LSA) room 491 and in the Li Ka Shing (LKS) room 461.

The LSA 491 core houses two cell sorters and four analyzers.

The LKS 461 core houses one cell sorter and one analyzer. This is a CIRM shared flow core.

The CRL Flow Cytometry Facility instrumentation provides light scattering and fluorescent based measurements of single cells by laser excitation. Applications of this technology include identification of sub-populations of cells by means of immunofluorescence, gene reporting using GFP, YFP, RFP CFP and M-Cherry, DNA content, as well as functional Ca++ Flux, and cell viabilities.

Populations identified by the applications mentioned above can be separated and purified by cell sorting. Cells can be sorted in bulk (up to 6 way sorting) or by single cell deposition into 96 well plates (other plate templates like 6, 24, and 48 well plates are also supported).


Use of the flow cytometry facility instrumentation is by appointment only.



Kartoosh Heydari, MD.

Core Director/Manager





Location and hours of operation


Hours Location

9:00 am to 5:00 pm (LSA)     

9:00 am- 5:00 pm (LKS)

(Analyzers and Cell sorters are available 24/7 to trained users)      

LSA 491

LKS 461 

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Kartoosh Heydari, MD
Core Director/Manager
(510) 642-2843
FACS Facility (LSA) + (LKS)
Harman Dhaliwal, BS
(707) 342-4167
Weill Hall 491
Melaine Delcroix, PhD
(510) 387-2354
Weill Hall 491