UVM Advanced Genome Technologies Core

Overview of Services


The Advanced Genome Technologies Core is an overarching umbrella encompassing three distinct shared resource facilities:  The Vermont Cancer Center DNA Analysis Facility, the Vermont Genetic Network Microarray Facility, and the Vermont Cancer Center-College of Medicine Massively Parallel Sequencing Facility.  The mission of the core is to comprehensively support research by providing direct services to research laboratories and by introducing emerging technologies to the broader University community. The facilities within the Advanced Genome Technologies Core offer a wide breadth of services to facilitate research involving identification, quantification, and profiling of nucleic acids.



Please use the following link to view our website:  http://www.uvm.edu/medicine/vtcancercenter/?Page=facilities_agtc.html


Getting Started


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Operational Policies


  1. Sample Submission, Storage and Retrieval Policy
  2. Procedure for Qualifying a Grant for the VCC subsidy in the DNA Analysis Facility








Location and hours of operation



7:30am - 5 pm Mon-Fri.

305 HSRF 



Name Role Phone Email Location
Jessica Hoffman
DNA Analysis Facility
305 HSRF
Scott Tighe
Massively Parallel Sequencing Facility
303 HSRF

Sample Submission and Laboratory Services

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UVMCC DNA Analysis Facility (13)
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