Microscopy Core Facility (MCF)

Overview of Services


Microscopy Core Facilities (MCF) is a center at Wright State University that offers equipment support in imaging and analysis. The center is open to research-engaged faculty.

Use of the facility will be determined by the director. All users must be trained and approved by core personnel before they will be able to use equipment unsupervised. 

Getting Started

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David Ladle, Ph.D | Director


Ph: (937) 775-4692

Location and hours of operation

Hours of Operation

9:00AM - 5:00PM

Monday - Friday

Closed for all University

Closures and Holidays.       

Microscopy Core Facilities
294 Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building
Wright State University
3640 Col. Glenn Highway
Dayton, OH 45435

Links and Resources


  1. Wright State University Microscopy Website
  2. Wright State University


Name Description Price
Flat Year Rate 1 microscope 

Service Requestable by PI's ONLY. Flat Year Rate allows all members of a single lab to have unlimited access to all of the Microscopy equipment for full calendar year.

Histocore Monthly Equipment Charge 

Histocore Instrument usage costs $10.00/month for unlimited use per user. Please submit this request to set up a monthly usage charge to access the Histocore Instruments.


Fixed Cost Services

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Flat service Rates (2)

Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
Join GroupMe Message Board! View calendar Inquire
Olympus FV1000 View calendar Inquire
Olympus FV300 View calendar Inquire
Olympus 2-photon View calendar Inquire
Electron Microscope View calendar Inquire
Olympus Epi Fluorescence Spot Scope with RT color camera View calendar Inquire
Fluorescent Dissecting Scope with BW/Color Camera View calendar Inquire
HM 550 Cryostat (New) View calendar Inquire
HM 505e Cryostat (old) View calendar Inquire
Vibratome View calendar Inquire
Invitro-Vibratome (fresh tissue only) View calendar Inquire
Freezing Sliding Microtome View calendar Inquire
Ultramicrotome MT 5000 View calendar Inquire
Ultramicrotome MT 6000 View calendar Inquire
Review 1 (Confocal Rm: 276) View calendar Inquire
Review 2 Computer (Spot Scope Rm: 284) View calendar Inquire
Review 3 (EM Suite) View calendar Inquire
Stereo Investigator/ Neruolucida/ Huygens (Deconvolution) View calendar Inquire
Perfusion Lab View calendar Inquire
Downdraft Table View calendar Inquire
Review Fyffe Lab View calendar Inquire
Neurolucida View calendar Inquire