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Overview of Services

We provide variety of protein production services including cloning, expression testing and optimization, development of protein purification protocols, and in-house production of purified proteins.  E. coli, insect (SF9, baculovirus) and mammalian (293) systems are available for protein expression.

Our analytical services are focused on biophysical characterization of structural and functional properties of proteins in solution, under native, non-denaturing conditions. We can perform quality control  of protein samples (folding, stability, aggregation, etc.); characterize protein conformation and shape in solution; and measure protein binding to proteins, peptides, small molecules and other ligands (including  determination of equilibrium (Kd) and kinetic rate (kon, koff) constants, stoichiometry, binding enthalpy and entropy.



Protein Production

  • For all protein production services the service fee is charged in advance.
  • Once a protein production service starts, there will be no refunds even if canceled. However, we may give a discount on a subsequent service. The amount of the discount will depend on the actual labor and expenses spent on the project before cancellation.
  • Due to the uncertainties associated with cell culture and protein expression, the time frames given for the protein production services are for the orientation only. While, we will try our best to carry out ordered services within the given time frames, we can not guarantee that.
  • Due to the uncertainties associated with the protein expression, the protein expression trials do not guarantee protein solubility and yield. It is an exploratory service where we  try several expression strategies for the given expression system (E. coli, insect, mammalian) with a goal to achieve a soluble protein expression and maximize yield. Detailed results of these trials will be delivered to the customer.
  • Protein preparation services are ordered based on the cell culture volume. For soluble proteins we will deliver milligram to multi-milligram amounts of purified protein from each preparation. Yield of purified proteins depends on the expression level of particular constructs and also varies to some extend from preparation to preparation.


Protein Analysis

  • For all training services the service fee is charged in advance.
  • Fees for the instrument usage and sample analysis are charged after the service is provided.
  • Fees for the sample analysis are charged strictly on the bases of time involved in conducting the experiment. I.e. the service fee will be charged even if during the experiment we will establish that the protein provided by customer is inactive; or titration did not yield Kd, because the binding was too weak.
  • Sample handling fee will be charged if additional steps are necessary to perform the experiment (protein concentration measurement, buffer exchange, sample concentrating, etc.).



Andrey Bobkov | Facility Manager

Phone: 858-646-3100 x3515


Location and hours of operation

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Monday through Friday

8AM to 5PM

  Building 5 - Room 5106



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Andrey Bobkov
858-646-3100 x3515
Room 5106

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