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New user

Welcome to the flow cytometry service laboratory.  The first step you will need to complete to use our services will be to create your account on the iLab scheduler - there is a Sign Up link at the top right of this page.


Once you are logged in the scheduler, you will be able to select the service you need.



To run your samples on a benchtop analyzers, go to Schedule Equipment, then select the Benchtop Analyzers, the Image Stream Mark II or the Multiplex schedule and reserve your time.  You will need to go through the training sessions before we allow you to use the instruments on your own.

To have the flow lab staff run your samples on an instrument on your behalf, go to Request Services and fill out the drop-off form.  No training is required.


Cell sorting

To use a cell sorter, go to Schedule Equipment and book time on the Cell Sorter: BD FACSAria schedule.  The staff will operate the instrument, so no training is necessary.



The flow lab offers training of each of our instruments.  You can request training on the scheduler by going to Request Services and filling out the Equipment training request. 


Data transfer

All data coming from our instrument will transfer through the flow lab server. Contact the lab to get the credentials.



Anne Sperling, PhD. | Faculty Director


Phone: (773) 834-1211


David Leclerc, M.A. | Technical Director


Phone: (773) 702-9212


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Assisted Services: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Unassisted/Self Use: 24/7


Room R022

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Anne Sperling, PhD.
Faculty Director, FCF.
(773) 834-1211

David Leclerc MSc
Technical Director
(773) 702-5582

Michael Olson
Lab Manager
(773) 702-9212

Mandel Davis
Research Specialist
(773) 702-9212

Bert Ladd
Research Specialist
(773) 702-9212



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