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News from the flow lab

03-01-2017 - The CAT facility is pleased to announce the launch of our Mass Cytometry service. We have acquired a Helios, the third generation of CyTOF instruments. Like flow cytometry, mass cytometry allows for the measurement of protein expression on a cell-by-cell basis. However, the Helios detects antibodies that are tagged with heavy metal ions instead of fluorophore. The cell, instead of passing through an array of lasers, is pulverized into a cloud of ions by a plasma beam. The tags are then resolved by the detector based on their mass. Thus, each target marker has a discrete signature, and compensation between detection channels is much less of an issue. As a result, the Helios can acquire up to 45 parameters for each cell.


We invite you to learn more about this exciting new technology in a  seminar series that we'll be hosting about mass  cytometry. 


The first seminar is on March 9th, when we'll be welcoming Dr. Ruth Montgomery, Associate Professor of Medicine,  Associate Dean of Scientific Affairs and Director of the CyTOF Facility at the Yale University School of Medicine to talk about 'Multiparameter single cell phenotyping in Translational Investigations'. The presentation will be at 10AM  in the KCBD Auditorium 1103, and we look forward to seeing you there.


If you want to test drive the new technology and have a project in mind, I recommend talking to Fluidigm's Application Specialist Kevin Brown ( on how to proceed. He will guide you on the development of your panel and the best practices for preparing your samples.


To allow you to get acquainted to mass cytometry, we will waive the usage fees for the first several months.


The next flow basics class will be on March 29th and April 19th in room R023 of the BSLC building.

New user

Welcome to the flow cytometry service laboratory.  The first step you will need to complete to use our services will be to create your account on the iLab scheduler - there is a Sign Up link at the top right of this page.


Once you are logged in the scheduler, you will be able to select the service you need.



To run your samples on a benchtop analyzers, go to Schedule Equipment, then select the Benchtop Analyzers, the Image Stream Mark II or the Multiplex schedule and reserve your time.  You will need to go through the training sessions before we allow you to use the instruments on your own.

To have the flow lab staff run your samples on an instrument on your behalf, go to Request Services and fill out the drop-off form.  No training is required.


Cell sorting

To use a cell sorter, go to Schedule Equipment and book time on the Cell Sorter: BD FACSAria schedule.  The staff will operate the instrument, so no training is necessary.

If you want to sort cells on your own using the AutoMacs Pro, select the AutoMacs Pro schedule to reserve time.  Training is required.



The flow lab offers training of each of our instruments.  You can request training on the scheduler by going to Request Services and filling out the Equipment training request. 


Data transfer

All data coming from our instrument will transfer through the flow lab server. Contact the lab to get the credentials.



Anne Sperling, PhD. | Faculty Director


Phone: (773) 834-1211


David Leclerc, M.A. | Technical Director


Phone: (773) 702-9212


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Assisted Services: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Unassisted/Self Use: 24/7


Room R022

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