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The Analytical and Translational Genomics Resource primarily provides next generation sequencing technologies such as RNA-seq, targeted gene panel sequencing, exome sequencing and epigenetics assays such as ChIP-seq and RRBS, coupled with expert bioinformatics analysis. Affymetrix microarray and real-time PCR services are also available. The ATG Shared Resource is available for use by all faculty at UNM and its affiliates, and all investigators are encouraged to contact us to find out how we can help with their research.


Ion Proton Next-Generation Sequencing: The powerful Life Technologies Ion Proton semiconductor sequencing instrument is ideal for next-generation sequencing assays including exome sequencing (all the proton-coding exons, about 2% of the genome), gene expression (RNA-seq) assays, epigenetics assays (ChIP-seq) and targeted sequencing (Ion Ampliseq Comprehensive Cancer Panel) of cancer-relevant genes, even from FFPE samples.


Expert Bioinformatics Data Analysis: ATG Shared Resource staff use sophisticated data analysis methods to analyze gene expression and genotyping data and strive to provide our users with publication-quality figures for their manuscripts or grant applications. We use R/Bioconductor and commercial software packages to explore the large and complicated data sets generated by genomics methods.


Affymetrix: The ATG shared resource has a complete Affymetrix system including two automated hybridization/fluidics stations and a high-resolution GeneChip scanner with autoloader as well as a suite of specialized instruments for the analysis of nucleic acids. We have analyzed more than 4000 Affymetrix microarrays, which are useful for assessing expression of mRNAs or microRNAs, as well as for GWAS and CGH (Comparative Genome Hybridization) to identify deletions and/or duplications in genomic DNA samples.


Real-Time PCR: ATG Shared Resource performs TaqMan real-time PCR assays in 96 and 384 well plates. These are highly specific and the small volumes help save on expensive reagents and precious samples. The TaqMan assays are used for measuring the expression of small numbers (<100) of genes, or for detecting SNPs or other point mutations.




Scott A. Ness, PhD
Professor, Internal Medicine: Molecular Medicine

Associate Director, UNM Cancer Center

Office: CRF 121A; Tel: (505) 272-9883



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Monday - Friday

7:30 AM - 5 PM

Cancer Research Facility

Rooms: 118, 119 and 124

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