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Gladstone Genomics Core

Overview of Services

About the Core

The Genomics Core provides state-of-the-art genomics services to scientists at Gladstone, UC San Francisco, and the Bay Area research community in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our core has close interactions with Gladstone Core Facilities, UCSF Center for Advanced Technology (CAT), UCSF Core Immunology Lab and 10x Genomics.


Our facility offers a full range of services for library construction and sequencing.

  • 10x Genomics Single Cell Assays (Gene expression, ATAC, Multiome, Immune profiling, etc.)
  • 10x Spatial Transcriptomics (Visium)
  • NGS Library Construction (DNA/RNA-seq, SMART-seq & Custom services)
  • Illumina Sequencing
  • Nucleic Acid Isolation and Sample QC (Bioanalyzer, qPCR, Qubit, Nanodrop, etc.) 

Location and Hours of Operation

Lab Location

  • Genomics Core: Lab Bay 4E
  • Covaris and Nanodrop: Room 449


Mailing Address
Gladstone Institutes
Genomics Core
1650 Owens Street
San Francisco, CA 94158


Business Hours
Weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or by appointment


Name Role Phone Email Location
Horng-Ru Lin, PhD
Core Director
Room 424
Jim McGuire
Research Scientist
Lab Bay 4E
Mylinh Bernardi
Research Scientist
Lab Bay 4E