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Molecular and Cellular Virology Core

Overview of Services

The Virology, Next Generation Sequencing and Imaging Core supports research on HIV and associated pathogens, by providing state-of-the-art biosafety laboratories. The Core provides an efficient, cost-effective and safe environment for researchers involved in HIV research, in its BL-3 and BL-2+ facilities. The Core offers facilities for growth and analysis of microbial and viral pathogens together with training in methodologies of HIV culture and assay. Users of the BL-3 facility must be certified and individual projects approved by the BL-3 Advisory Group. The Core facilities are located on the 10th floor of the Biomedical Research Building. The Core also provides access and expertise to next-generation sequencing technology in a CLIA/CAP accredited environment.



DeltaVision Microscopy

QuantStudio 3 Taqman PCR


You can view the calendars for this equipment in one of two ways.  If you are not logged in, use the link at the bottom of this screen.  If you are logged in, go to the "Schedule Equipment" tab.  You must be logged in to reserve time. If you do not have an account, you can go to the following website and request a login:



Biosafety Level 3 Facility (for MTB work)

Biosafety Level 2+ Facilities (for HIV work)

HIV Propagation                                              

Lentivirus or Pseudovirus Production

Luciferase Assay  

p24 ELISA                                                                                    

Virus Concentration

Deep Sequencing


To request access to the BL-3 or BL-2+ Facilities or request a service, please click on the "Request Services" tab.  You must be logged in to see the tabs. If you have not received an email with your user name and password, you can go to the following website and request a login:

CFAR Assistance

If you have questions about the billing information that is required or other questions concerning requesting services at the core facility, please email



John Tilton, PhD | Core Director

Miguel Quinones-Mateu, PhD | Core Director

Location and hours of operation

Virology: CWRU Biomedical Research Building, Room 1048;

NGS: 7100 Euclid Ave., Suite 190, Cleveland, OH;

Imaging: CWRU Wood Research Tower, Room 205.


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Jennifer Bongorno Hurt, Ph.D.
Virus Production, General Inquiries
BRB 1048
Benjamin Luttge, Ph.D.
DeltaVision Manager
Miguel Quinones-Mateu, Ph.D.

Sophia Onwuzulike
Biosafety Level 3 RA
BRB 1010B
John Tilton, M.D.
BRB 919

Available Equipment and Resources

Biosafety Level Facilities (1)
Deltavision Microscope (1)
StepOne Real Time PCR Machine (1)


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