Overview of Services



Semiconductor fabrication clean room facility. Services include-

  • Plasma etching facilities that include plasma enhanced chemical etching and deep trench etching.
  • Wet etching and chemical processing bay for wet chemistry
  • Class 10 photolithography bay with manual and automatic wafer spin coating, mask alignment and development
  • Proflilometry bay including 3d imaging, film stress,thiickness measurement and probing stations.
  • 7 tube processing furnace for wet/dry oxide, boron or phosphorus doping, poly silicon, annealing, and LTO.
  • Metallization Bay includes e-beam and  RF -DC sputtering systems.
  • Sputtering targets include  Ti, Al, ZnO, Ni, Co, Nb, Si, Mo, Chrome, TiO2, Fe, SS, ITO, Al 1% Si, Ta, Si3N4, SiO, ZrO2. All are 8" diameter for unifomity over 6" wafers.
  • ebeam capabilities include single and dual evaporation systems.
  • ebeam sourses include Au, Pt, Ti, Cr,Cu, Al, Fe, Si, C, Mo
  • PECVD deposition system for silicon oxide, nitrides, and oxynitrides.

Gaining Access


  1.  Submit a Usage Proposal form to Core  Manager for verification of capabilities: Usage Proposal Form
  2.  Submit an Account form to the Account Manager: Account Form
  3.  Contact Account Manager for billing detail and to establish a user account
  4.  Schedule OSHA Chemical Hygiene and Emergency Training: Environmental Health & Safety Training
  5.  Conduct OSHA Chemical Hygiene and Emergency Training,  obtaining certificate of completion
  6.  Provide certificate of completion of OSHA training to the Core staff
  7. Schedule Laboratory Orientation and receive training
  8.  Read the nFab Safety Training Manual: Safety Training Manual
  9.  Take and pass the  Safety Quiz
  10.  Sign the Release of Liability form and submit to Core Manager: Release of Liability
  11. Obtain ilab Username and Password
  12. Schedule equipment training. Must show competence before receiving access rights to nFab tools: Tool Request Form
  13. Schedule equipment use on ilab


Note:   In some cases the exact order is modified to fit schedules


Wayne State Users
All users that are not internal to Wayne State:





Dr. Coleman - Director


Dan Durisin - Clean Room Operations Manager

Bill Funk - Clean Room Manager

Karen Wilson - Account Manager


Location and hours of operation


Hours Location

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM     

Monday to Friday      

3rd Floor Engineering Building

Wayne State University

5050 Anthony Wayne Dr.

Detroit, MI 48202

Links and Resources

  1. DCaTS Website
  2. nFab Video: