Overview of Services



Semiconductor fabrication clean room facility. Services include-

  • Plasma etching facilities that include plasma enhanced chemical etching and deep trench etching.
  • Wet etching and chemical processing bay for wet chemistry
  • Class 10 photolithography bay with manual and automatic wafer spin coating, mask alignment and development
  • Proflilometry bay including 3d imaging, film stress,thiickness measurement and probing stations.
  • 7 tube processing furnace for wet/dry oxide, boron or phosphorus doping, poly silicon, annealing, and LTO.
  • Metallization Bay includes e-beam and  RF -DC sputtering systems.
  • Sputtering targets include  Ti, Al, ZnO, Ni, Co, Nb, Si, Mo, Chrome, TiO2, Fe, SS, ITO, Al 1% Si, Ta, Si3N4, SiO, ZrO2. All are 8" diameter for unifomity over 6" wafers.
  • ebeam capabilities include single and dual evaporation systems.
  • ebeam sourses include Au, Pt, Ti, Cr,Cu, Al, Fe, Si, C, Mo
  • PECVD deposition system for silicon oxide, nitrides, and oxynitrides.

Gaining Access


  1.  Submit a Usage Proposal form to Core  Manager for verification of capabilities: Usage Proposal Form
  2.  Submit an Account form to the Account Manager: Account Form
  3.  Contact Account Manager for billing detail and to establish a user account
  4.  Schedule Laboratory Safety  Training: Environmental Health & Safety Training
  5.  Provide certificate of completion of training to the Core staff
  6. Schedule Laboratory Orientation and receive training
  7.  Read the nFab Safety Training Manual: Safety Training Manual
  8.  Take and pass the  Safety Quiz
  9.  Sign the Release of Liability form and submit to Core Manager: Release of Liability
  10. Obtain ilab Username and Password
  11. Schedule equipment training. Must show competence before receiving access rights to nFab tools: Tool Request Form
  12. Schedule equipment use on ilab


Note:   In some cases the exact order is modified to fit schedules


Wayne State Users
All users that are not internal to Wayne State:





Dr. Mark Cheng - Director


Dan Durisin - Clean Room Operations Manager

Bill Funk - Clean Room Manager

Chemika Buffington-Manager, WSU Core Facilities


Location and hours of operation


Hours Location

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM     

Monday to Friday      

3rd Floor Engineering Building

Wayne State University

5050 Anthony Wayne Dr.

Detroit, MI 48202

Links and Resources

  1. DCaTS Website
  2. nFab Video: