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About Us



All vectors prepared in the Viral Vector Core are for RESEARCH USE ONLY. These are not suitable for human use.

All the materials prepared for investigators are considered confidential information. The vectors will not be distributed to another laboratory with out previous consent from the investigator that owns such construct.



Please acknowledge the Viral Vector Core in any publication where the vectors are used.


Material Transfer

The plasmids and viruses purchased from the Viral Vector Core can not be transferred to another laboratory with out previous consent from the Core and the investigator that owns it.


Bio-safety Level

Bio-safety Level 2 practices and facilities must be used for work with viral vectors.



Incoming Shipments
All materials and plasmids should be shipped to:

University of Iowa

Viral Vector Core

221 Eckstein Medical Research Building
500 Newton Road

Iowa City, IA 52242
Tel: (319) 335-6726

Fax: (319) 335-6895

Outgoing Shipment

  • Vector shipments are sent on dry ice for overnight delivery using FedEx as the main shipper company.
  • Shipment can be sent via other shipping companies, but you will need to make the appropriate arrangements for shipping. The shipment cost will be paid by you as per the company’s fees.
  • FedEx shipment Cost:Please message us for current rates. 
  • The Vector Core is not responsible for costs associated with import fees, duties, or any other related custom’s fee. Please take this in consideration when placing the order.

Payment Information

  • Provide a purchase order number for your order.
  • We accept money order or checks.
  • We also accept credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover). Please contact us. 
  • For international accounts only: Be aware that the Viral Vector Core is not responsible for fees associated with wire transfers. Please take these fees into account when using this form of payment method.


William Paradee, Ph.D. | Director

Ph: (319) 335-6726 | Fax: (319) 335-6895


Location and hours of operation



Viral Vector Core

University of Iowa

500 Newton Road

221 Eckstein Medical Research Building

Iowa City, IA 52242


Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm CST

Links and Resources

  1. VVC Website
  2. UI Lab Approval Help Manual
  3. UI Core User Help Manual



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